General Terms

Information prior to the purchasing process

This web site is property of DOTHEGAP SL with VAT Nº B67192070 and fiscal address ZAMORA 46-48, 4-2, 08005 BARCELONA, SPAIN, trading under the trademark DOTHEGAP.

The Purchasing General Terms and Conditions set forth the distance sale relationship between DOTHEGAP SL and the user or customer, in accordance with legal stipulations, in particular, Spanish acts Ley 7/1998, de 13 de abril, sobre Condiciones Generales de Contratación, Ley 3/2014, de 27 de marzo por la que se modifica el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los consumidores y Usuarios, la normativa vigente y aplicable en materia de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista, and Ley 34/2002 de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico.

DOTHEGAP SL reserves the right to modify it deems appropriate, without prior notice, in the Purchasing General Terms and Conditions. Modifications can be introduced via its websites, following any legally contemplated procedure and shall be compulsory as long as they are published in the web and until they are validly modified by new ones. Notwithstanding the foregoing, DOTHEGAP SL reserves the right to apply, in certain cases and when it deems it appropriate, Purchasing Specific Terms and Conditions that shall have preference over these Purchasing General Terms and Conditions, by giving due and prior notice.

The purpose of this web site is to connect organizations and individuals to set up experience exchanges in the field of cultural exchanges.

The duration of the contract is linked to the conclusion of the service that has been hired.

Furthermore, you may subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive offers regarding our services as well as general information that may be of your interest

As user or customer, you expressly acknowledge that you know, understand and accept these Purchasing General Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, you declare being 18 years or older and having the necessary legal capacity to access the DOTHEGAP SL websites and to contract through them.

To purchase our services, you can access the corresponding section of our website.

Registering as a user is a prerequisite if you wish to make an online transaction. To register, in the website you can access the corresponding section. In accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in force regarding personal data protection, DOTHEGAP SL informs users that personal data collected during the registration process and subsequent transactions shall be introduced in a file under DOTHEGAP SL’s responsibility, for the purpose of filing such actions of the user and managing subsequent actions that result from them. DOTHEGAP SL informs that the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the correct execution of contractual relationship between the user and DOTHEGAP SL.

Moreover, DOTHEGAP SL informs you of your ability to exercise the rights to access, rectification, limitation, cancellation, portability and opposition/revocation by writing to ZAMORA 46-48, 4-2, 08005 BARCELONA, SPAIN, or by sending an email to

As long as you do not communicate to us the contrary, we shall understand that your personal data have not changed, you commit to notify us any alteration, and that we have your consent to use them for the purpose of increasing loyalty among the parties.

During the purchasing process you will have to identify yourself with the username and password provided to you. This data will not be public. You agree to treat in a responsible and confidential manner both the username and the password obtained when registering as a client, and will not share them with others. You can modify your registration information at any time in the client area. In this same section you will find the list of services contracted which, although meant for informational purposes only you will be able to manage, allowing you to delete those items that you consider don’t need to be visible.

Once the purchase process is complete the client will receive confirmation of it by means of an email. It is essential that during the purchase process the client provide a valid email address. If within 24 hours of the completion of the process the client hasn’t received confirmation, get in touch with DOTHEGAP SL through its customer attention phone (+) (34) 682764111 or via email at

All the contents of this website are in Spanish and English.

Prior to the performance of the service the customer will receive an email confirming the service requested.

The customer will have access to the invoice once the service has been performed

Characteristics, offer and term of validity of the services

The essential characteristics of the services we offer are described in our online store.

Regarding those services being offered, in each case it will be indicated, together with its essential characteristics, the price and the term of validity

In accordance with applicable rules and regulations, DOTHEGAP SL offers information regarding all of its services, their characteristics and prices. Notwithstanding the foregoing, DOTHEGAP SL reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change the services offered on its website, by simply changing its contents. Accordingly, services offered at a certain time shall be governed by the Purchasing General Terms and Conditions in force at such time. Furthermore, the company shall be entitled to cease offering, without prior notice and at any given time, access to the services in question.

DOTHEGAP SL reserves the right to cancel the membership of any user that fails to observe the terms of use, even without prior notice.


All services offered in the website are covered by the warranty available to the type of service in question, considering when and how its performance has been requested.

DOTHEGAP SL has a customer service, available by phone 682764111 or via email where you can raise complaints over unmet conditions.


All services indicate their purchase price in Euros with Value Added Tax (VAT) included.

If any other tax should be applicable, it will be indicated (IGIC or IPSI).

Expenses and service provision

DOTHEGAP SL offers different kinds of membership based on the amount of advertisements that are contracted. Each user can consult the different subscriptions and prices available at the “subscribe” section.

Should DOTHEGAP SL spot an offensive advertisement or one that infringes upon the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, such advertisement will be automatically suppressed.

Each user shall be entitled to cancel its subscription at any time. The two following ways of cancellation are available:

Deactivation: The user will prevent its advertisement/s from being published during the period of time it wishes, and thereafter will be allowed to reactivate them at will.

Definitive cancellation: The user can cancel the subscription definitively.

Forms of payment and service performance

The customer may pay the amount due for the purchased service by any of the following means. The customer must select the preferred option during the purchase process:

  • VISA or MASTERCARD credit card

All transactional operations that involve the transmission of personal or bank data are performed in a secure environment, a server based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard safety technology. All information that you share travels encrypted through the web.

Moreover, the data regarding your credit card is introduced directly into the bank’s website, in the POS terminal (Point of sale of the Bank), and are not introduced or registered in any of DOTHEGAP SL’s servers.

When paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card the following information will always be requested: credit card number, expiry date, and Card Validation Code, i.e., the last three digits of the number printed in italics on the back of the VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, which this way offers a higher level of safety for the transaction.

This form of payment is only valid on the web.

Should the amount of a purchase be fraudulently or improperly charged using a certain credit card number, the owner of such credit card can demand the immediate cancellation of the charge. In such case, the corresponding entries of debit and recredit in the accounts of the provider and the owner shall be made as soon as possible.

However, if the purchase has been actually done by the owner of the credit card and the refund request doesn’t follow the exercise of the withdrawal or revocation right and, therefore, the cancellation request isn’t justified, the owner shall be liable to DOTHEGAP SL in relation to the loss and damage caused as a consequence of such cancellation.

DOTHEGAP SL commits to perform the service immediately upon its request. Namely, once payment is done the user will be able to access and publish the advertisements.

The availability of services offered by DOTHEGAP SL can vary depending on the service in question. In case of non-performance due to unavailability, DOTHEGAP SL will notify via email the customer upon becoming aware of this circumstance. The term of this notice will not exceed a maximum of 30 days in any case and DOTHEGAP SL shall present the following two options: offer to the client without any price increase a service with similar characteristics or higher quality, or refund within aforementioned term the price paid for the cancelled service whenever DOTHEGAP SL can prove justifying circumstances. Should DOTHEGAP SL fail to perform the refund within the aforementioned term, the customer shall be entitled to claim twice the price paid, without prejudice to the right to claim costs and damages.

Withdrawal right, reimbursement of payment and complaints

The customer has fourteen calendar days from the date of closing of the transaction to withdraw, without penalty or need to provide motive.

The withdrawal right must be exercised by means of communication via phone at (+) (34) 682 764 111, an email sent to, a letter sent to ZAMORA 46-48, 4-2 08005, BARCELONA, SPAIN, or a withdrawal form.

In accordance with article 103 of the Spanish act Ley 3/2014, de 27 de marzo por la que se modifica el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los consumidores y Usuarios, the supply of services or goods that have been prepared based on customer specifications or clearly customized, or that, given their nature, cannot be returned o can rapidly deteriorate or expire, are exempt from withdrawal.

If the customer requests that the service provision commence during the withdrawal period, the customer shall be obliged to pay the proportional amount of the part of the service in question actually performed up to the time of communication of withdrawal.

DOTHEGAP SL declines any responsibility in connection with what occurs before, during or once the exchange experience has concluded. We offer visibility to the advertised experiences and facilitate contact between the users, but we do no broker and thus this responsibility will always lie with the user.

DOTHEGAP SL agrees to be responsible exclusively in relation to what is set forth in these Purchasing General Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, DOTHEGAP SL declines any responsibility with regards to texts and images included in the advertisements, which shall lie with the customer. The customer must have the rights to the images it uploads to our website o social networks to illustrate its exchange experience.

Payment reimbursement

Reimbursement of amounts received will be made to the customer using the same means employed in the initial payment, provided nothing to the contrary has been stipulated.

DOTHEGAP SL shall reimburse the amounts paid by the client within 14 calendar days of the date of reception of the right of withdrawal notice.

In case of unjustified delay in the reimbursement on DOTHEGAP SL’s side, the customer is entitled to claim twice the amount initially paid, without prejudice to the right to be indemnified for the costs and damages in excess of the foregoing amount.


If the customer wishes to file a complaint, it can do so at DOTHEGAP SL’s offices in ZAMORA 46-48, 4-2, 08005 BARCELONA, SPAIN or via email at


Moreover, DOTHEGAP SL reserves the right to file the civil and criminal actions it deems appropriate in connection with the inappropriate use of its website and contents, or the breach of these Purchasing General Terms and Conditions.

The relationship between user and provider shall be governed by the current and applicable rules and regulations in the Spanish territory. Should any dispute arise between the parties they will be entitled to submit it to arbitration or the ordinary jurisdiction, in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations regarding jurisdiction and competence. DOTHEGAP SL has its principal place of business in BARCELONA, SPAIN.

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