1. What is dothegap?

Dothegap is a community that promotes exchanges among all groups, training centres, associations, sports clubs and families interested in this type of experiences. Our goal is to normalise the act of doing an exchange, making it a regular thing, opening it to all kinds of disciplines. Without intermediaries.

2. How can I do an exchange using dothegap?

First, you’ll need to register. Next, upload an experience. We’ll guide you through the site so you can add all the necessary content. It’s easy, but if you have any doubts you can always contact us via email or by phone. Once you’ve uploaded the experience you can see the listings of other users and contact them if you’re interested in their proposals.

3. I have registered, but I can't connect with other users

To connect, you have to launch an exchange proposal.

4. How many experiences can I add?

To start off, dothegap gives you the option to publish one experience for free. To add more experiences, you must subscribe to one of our plans, with which you can upload up to 2, 4 or 8 experiences. We understand that you may be a centre or club that offers various exchange experiences: by age, type of studies, duration of stay, etc.

5. Can I upload experiences in different locations?

Yes, no problem. We understand that there are clubs and centres that operate in different areas, and therefore might offer experiences in different locations. When you upload your experience and include the address, it’ll show up in Google Maps.

6. How much does it cost?

For all members of the community, it’s free to upload and publish an experience.

We give it visibility and you can find members to exchange with. You’ll have access to all the content and to the user panel from which you can manage the exchange. When you find a centre to exchange with or receive a request from another centre, the notification to “Accept” the subscription will be activated.

You pay by service: promote your experience, gain contact with other members, your own user panel, updates on all the new exchange proposals and content, visibility for your centre, club or association, etc. There are no additional costs if you offer various exchanges with the same experience: you only pay for the number of experiences you have published.

7. Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription from your user panel. Your experience will remain published so that other users can contact you if they are interested. When you want to contact other users or respond to your requests, you must reactivate your subscription.

8. Can I deactivate my experience and reactivate it later?

Once you’ve published your experience, you can deactivate it from your user panel. Remember that deactivating will make it so that your experience is no longer visible, so you won’t be able to contact other centres and they won’t be able to contact you. Once deactivated you will no longer pay the subscription. You can reactivate it whenever you want and can revise and update the content.

9. Am I obliged to do the exchange or can I just be a host or guest?

Uploading an ad allows you all three options. You can do an exchange, offer yourself as host, or you can explain that you’d like to receive an invitation. Once contact with another user has been established, let them know.

10. In what language do you recommend writing the experience?

You may write it in Spanish or English. We suggest using the language you are more fluent in, if necessary, getting help from a translator. If you’d like to receive international exchanges, it’s much better to write your experience in both languages. Keep in mind that the more appealing your ad, the more chances you’ll have at receiving requests and being able to do the exchange.

11. How will I receive notifications?

You’ll receive requests through your user panel and via email.

12. Can I change the username of my account? What about the billing information?

You can edit all aspects of your profile and experiences from your user panel. You can modify the username, password, experiences, billing information and subscription plan whenever you need to.

13. How important are the photos? Do they need to have a copyright?

The images are very important. Good images, along with content, will attract attention. The more visual and interesting you make the experience seem, the more enquiries and opportunities you’ll have to try different exchanges. The centre, association or club is responsible for the content and images; if people appear in the photos, make sure you have their consent.

14. How can I organise the exchange?

In our section about organising your trip, you’ll find a Travel Kit that contains a lot of useful information to help you organise the exchange. If you need anything else, let us know!

15. Is it important to rate the exchange?

As a community, your reviews are very important to help other users find the experience they’re looking for, and to reassure them that what they see corresponds with reality. If you’ve had a good experience, you’ll help boost visibility for the centre you exchanged with, and if the experience wasn’t so great, you can let other users know and provide constructive criticism to help the centre or club improve.

16. How can I receive more reviews?

Once your exchange experience has concluded, we’ll send you an alert as host centre or club so that you can mark the experience as finished in your user panel and then proceed to request reviews. This way, the guest centre or club will receive an email reminder to rate your experience.

17. Can users be rated?

No, currently only experiences can be rated.

18. I’m not receiving any contact requests. What can I do?

At dothegap, we vouch for quality content and we’ll send you little tips to make your listing as attractive as possible. If you have doubts about how to improve, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll advise you personally.

19. Why encourage an exchange?

We encourage them, because it’s up to us to prepare kids for the real world, a “Global” world that not everyone actually has access to. Normalising exchanges means integrating it with our education system, the only way it’ll reach the masses.

20. Can I modify my subscription plan when I need to?

Yes, no problem. To change your subscription plan, select the new plan you’d like to subscribe to in the “my subscription” section in your user panel. Your new plan will be active once your current plan ends.o.

21. How does billing work?

When you subscribe to one of our plans, you have the option to request the invoice by selecting "I’d like an invoice". Every month, you’ll receive an email letting you know you that your invoice is ready in your user panel.

22. What does it mean when this icon appears on a user’s profile?

If this icon appears on a user’s profile, it means they are part of one of our collaborating companies.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

Register in dothegap and tell us about it. Together we’ll make it happen!

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