Projects with a social impact and purpose

Dothegap aims to normalise cultural exchanges, transforming them into a common and inclusive activity, because a global world needs people with intercultural skills that can live with respect and tolerance for all kinds of realities.

Cultural exchanges are a fantastic way to reach this goal. What’s more, you get to enjoy learning through unforgettable experiences. Let’s travel with a purpose and truly immerse ourselves in other cultures in a safe, minimum-impact way.

More sustainable flights with KLM

As part of its pledge to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, airline KLM is developing a series of initiatives to ensure more sustainable air travel. We encourage you to find out more about them, because the impact of travel must be a positive one.

World Teen Parliament

This project, launched by Blub World and supported by UNESCO’s New Delhi Office, is aimed at teens aged 13 to 18 years. Its mission is to inspire young people to come up with proposals for change that will help build a better world. The top 100 teens worldwide will take part in a programme to train as leaders. Not only that, their projects will get the boost they need to become a reality, which means we will all benefit from the positive impact they are bound to make.

Abrazo Cultural

This association promotes interculturality through language courses, cultural workshops and training given by refugees and immigrants from countries in conflict or stigmatized. There are more than 30 teachers from more than 15 different countries who share their talents, knowledge and cultures to break stereotypes and prejudices and support inclusion and diversity.

Zibuza is bridging the digital divide by enabling a more resilient, inclusive, and equitable schooling system. The objective is to democratize quality education to improve teaching and learning outcomes at all levels of basic education, particularly in underprivileged and under-resourced communities across South Africa.

Numismatics Academy

NAC (Numismatics Academy) bridge the gap between the conventional and alternate education system. Walking on the path of interdisciplinary, hands-on experience-based learning, Nac made it possible for conventional schools to implement out of box methodologies, elevating the learning paradigm to explore the world Culture – History – Geography – Art – GK and much more.

Worldola – Learn while Playing

WorldOLA is a 21st-century Educational game where kids not only can learn about World Flags – Currencies – Personalities – Monuments but can also appreciate differences and similarity across the world culture. We all are unique and special in something or other, so knowing the world personalities & people (Tribes) will help to connect with the World and respect diversity. Learning by playing will help us to develop skills that will help us to get a better understanding of a plural world. +info

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